[antlr-interest] Gated Semantic Predicates in v4

Edgar Espina espina.edgar at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 11:03:52 PDT 2012


 Is there a way to match dynamic tokens in v4 and provide? (where token
usually has more than one character)

 This is what I did in v3:

@lexer:members {
  private String open = "{{"; // This could change at any time
  private String close = "}}"; // This could change at any time

  {ahead(open)}=> {match(open);}

  {ahead(close)}=> {match(close);}

  {!ahead(open)} => {consume until we find "open"}

The open and close tokens might change at runtime, that is why there is
call to: *match.* There is also a custom rule for TEXT which basically eat
everysingle char/token until it find the open token.

My questions are:
 1. How can I match dynamic tokens in v4?
 2. How can I provide a match function (like TEXT) in v4?

Thanks in advance

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