[antlr-interest] error(10): internal error: org.antlr.analysis.NFAToDFAConverter.getPredicatesPerNonDeterministicAlt(NFAToDFAConverter.java:1604): no AST/token for nonepsilon target w/o predicate

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Fri Oct 19 23:02:17 PDT 2012

Any reason you can't upgrade? Try increasing the conversion timeout
setting if not.


On Oct 20, 2012, at 3:55, Nat Wyatt <nwyatt at salesforce.com> wrote:

> We are intermittently getting the error in the subject line running
> ANTLR 3.1.1. It happens only in our build system, and not every time.
> Multithreaded NFA conversion is off (by default we do not specify
> --Xmultithreaded).
> Since it is not easily reproducible, I was wondering if anyone had hints
> for what to look for.
> As far as I can tell the problem has not been mentioned on the
> antlr-interest list and there's no issue for it on github.
> Thanks,
> nat
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