[antlr-interest] ANTLR4 options ignored in imported grammar

cd.barth at t-online.de cd.barth at t-online.de
Fri Oct 26 03:50:02 PDT 2012

ANTLR4 (v 4.0b2) works fine when I'm using separated lexer and parser


lexer grammar CommonLexerRules;;

options {   superClass=LexerExtension; } .


parser grammar PLiParser;

options {   superClass=ParserExtension; }.


and generates accurate the lines

.public class PLiLexer extends LexerExtension {.

.public class PLiParser extends ParserExtension {.


But when I'm using the new cool feature for importing grammars like


grammar CombindedPLiGrammar;

import PLiLexer;



I get the warning : options ignored in imported grammar


The generated java file contains

.public class PLiLexer extends Lexer {.      instead of : extends


My questions: 

Is there any way to set an LexerExtension in an imported grammar?

Any idea to fix Java.stg ?



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