[stringtemplate-interest] Scala/Lift and stringTemplate...damned with faint praise

Trevor Griffiths tgriffiths at liveworld.com
Tue May 20 14:02:12 PDT 2008


You have probably already seen this from: http://liftweb.net/index.php/Lift_View_First

First comment:

"I think the best paper on the subject is Terrence Parr's work on  

Followed a little further down by:

"First, I rejected using StringTemplate (or something like it) because  
it introduced some programming into the templating mechanism and it  
would have taken a lot of work to make it XMLTemplate (and all of  
lift's templating is XHTML and makes use of Scala's excellent support  
of XML.)"

I wonder how they plan on being able to conditionally include  
alternative chunks of content, etc.

Anyway i thought it was interesting.


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