[antlr-interest] Re: ANTLR 3.0 and code generation for C++

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Mon Oct 27 14:40:59 PST 2003

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>   Since Ter is a Java kind of guy (I hate to say it but I'm becoming 
>   Java kind of guy too), I don't know if the new version will 
>   work on the C++ code generator.  Its been a while since I looked 
>   the C++ generated source but as I recall it uses reference counted
>   strings and other reference counted objects to mirror garbage
>   collection in Java.


The 3.0 code generator will look very different from the 2.x code 
generators.  It will be driven by an output grammar, with 
language-specific implementations of the output templates.  
Retargeting output to another language should be relatively easy (1000 
LOC versus the current 150,000 LOC).  There are a number of areas 
where Ter wants to do some streamlining, so the support libraries may 
look different from the 2.x libraries; that is still something TBD.  
Stay tuned as the definition develops further--Ter is working in 
"inspired" mode and the intellectual progress being made is 



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