[antlr-interest] Re: ANTLR 3.0 and code generation for C++

katre katre at henchmonkey.org
Mon Oct 27 15:41:37 PST 2003

lgcraymer wrote:
> The 3.0 code generator will look very different from the 2.x code 
> generators.  It will be driven by an output grammar, with 
> language-specific implementations of the output templates.  
> Retargeting output to another language should be relatively easy (1000 
> LOC versus the current 150,000 LOC).

How generalized will this be?  So far, with ANTLR 2.x, code is only
generated for OO languages (Java, C++, C#).  I know there was another
output in the past (Haskell?) but will ANTLR be able to target more
functional languages?  My specific favorite target would be OCaml, which
I find I am using more the more I get to know it, but the included lexer
and parser generators are basically translations of lex and yacc and
lack a lot of features I got used to when using ANTLR.



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