[antlr-interest] Parsing RTF to Braille

Daniel Warner dwarner at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Jun 26 07:05:58 PDT 2007


I would like to mention another difficulty one is faced to when parsing RTF to Braille:

In LaTeX and many modern text processing systems it is possible to use semantic annotations (structure) (like "<h1>Section</h1>" to indicate a section) instead of physical text attributes like font size, color or style (layout).

Now for the visually impaired it is not very interesting whether a text is in Arial or Verdana or whether the text size is 14 or 16, but far more important she or he is interested in structure, which is often only implicitly coded by layout (no problem as long as you aren't visually impaired).

We want to automate the process of mapping layout->structure more or less adequately for visually impaired people (I suppose this will be difficult because of inconsistent layout in one document, so maybe one will also have to use methods from AI/machine learning?)

Is it reasonable to do such mapping/transformation on the constructed AST with the help of one or multipletree parser(s)?

Thank you in advance for your help or suggestions.

Kind regards,
Daniel Warner

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