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data — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.ANTLRStringStream
The data being scanned
debug — Constant static property in class org.antlr.runtime.DFA
decisionNumber — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.DFA
decisionNumber — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.EarlyExitException
decisionNumber — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.NoViableAltException
DEFAULT_CHANNEL — Constant static property in class org.antlr.runtime.TokenConstants
All tokens go to the parser (unless skip() is called in that rule) on a particular "channel".
DEFAULT_INITIAL_BUFFER_SIZE — Constant static property in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.CommonTreeNodeStream
DEFAULT_PROGRAM_NAME — Constant static property in class org.antlr.runtime.TokenRewriteStream
DEFAULT_TOKEN_CHANNEL — Constant static property in class org.antlr.runtime.BaseRecognizer
deleteChild(i) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.BaseTree
deleteChild(t, i) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.BaseTreeAdaptor
deleteChild(i) — Method in interface org.antlr.runtime.tree.Tree
deleteChild(t, i) — Method in interface org.antlr.runtime.tree.TreeAdaptor
Remove ith child and shift children down from right.
deleteProgram(programName) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.TokenRewriteStream
Reset the program so that no instructions exist
description — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.DFA
description — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.RewriteRuleElementStream
DFA — Class in package org.antlr.runtime
A DFA implemented as a set of transition tables.
DFA(recognizer:org.antlr.runtime:BaseRecognizer, decisionNumber, description, eot, eof, min, max, accept, special, transition, specialStateTransitionFunction, errorFunction) — Constructor in class org.antlr.runtime.DFA
dirty — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.RewriteRuleElementStream
Once a node / subtree has been used in a stream, it must be dup'd from then on.
discardOffChannelTokens(discardOffChannelTokens) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.CommonTokenStream
_discardOffChannelTokens — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.CommonTokenStream
By default, track all incoming tokens
discardSet — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.CommonTokenStream
Set; discard any tokens with this type
discardTokenType(ttype) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.CommonTokenStream
displayRecognitionError(tokenNames, e:org.antlr.runtime:RecognitionException) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.BaseRecognizer
down — Property in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.CommonTreeNodeStream
DOWN — Constant static property in class org.antlr.runtime.TokenConstants
imaginary tree navigation type; traverse "get child" link
DOWN — Constant static property in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.TreeParser
dup(el) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.RewriteRuleElementStream
When constructing trees, sometimes we need to dup a token or AST subtree.
dup(el) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.RewriteRuleNodeStream
dup(el) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.RewriteRuleSubtreeStream
dup(el) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.RewriteRuleTokenStream
dupNode() — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.BaseTree
dupNode(t) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.BaseTreeAdaptor
dupNode() — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.CommonTree
dupNode(t) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.CommonTreeAdaptor
Duplicate a node.
dupNode() — Method in interface org.antlr.runtime.tree.Tree
dupNode(treeNode) — Method in interface org.antlr.runtime.tree.TreeAdaptor
Duplicate a single tree node.
dupTree(tree) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.BaseTreeAdaptor
dupTree(tree) — Method in interface org.antlr.runtime.tree.TreeAdaptor
Duplicate tree recursively, using dupNode() for each node
dupTreeWithParent(t, parent) — Method in class org.antlr.runtime.tree.BaseTreeAdaptor
This is generic in the sense that it will work with any kind of tree (not just Tree interface).
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