[antlr-interest] discovering min antlr runtime jar

Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Sun Dec 16 16:00:52 PST 2001

Howdy folks,

I ran "java -verbose ..." on all examples in the examples/java dir and 
found a unique list of classes needed during runtime for those examples 
and those inputs.  Clearly there is no such thing as a single 
"representative" example that will load all necessary classes, but doing 
a static class dependency list instead is way overkill.  Seems like, 
since the list of classes is unlikely to change much, should we get a 
combined list of classes to include from everybody?

Christian spelled out his classes in:


with some good suggestions about shuffling a few methods around to get 
them out of class Tool.

For my tests, I ran

java -verbose Main Test.java | grep antlr\. | grep Loaded | awk '{print 
$2;}'|sed 's/\]//'

to list the fully qualified class names.  I couldn't find a free tool 
that handled stuff within code blocks (i.e., classes that were used 
without a class field referencing them) so no static analysis.

Hmm...I wish there was a better way.  Maybe running a static analyzer on 
an output parser is the right answer.

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