[antlr-interest] discovering min antlr runtime jar

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Sun Dec 16 20:19:53 PST 2001

> For my tests, I ran
> java -verbose Main Test.java | grep antlr\. | grep Loaded | awk '{print 
> $2;}'|sed 's/\]//'
> to list the fully qualified class names.  I couldn't find a free tool 
> that handled stuff within code blocks (i.e., classes that were used 
> without a class field referencing them) so no static analysis.
> Hmm...I wish there was a better way.  Maybe running a static analyzer on 
> an output parser is the right answer.

Well, howdy.

A while ago, I wrote a nifty tool that used this cool parser-generator
called Antlr, that attempted to do static analysis of dependencies
between java files.


It's called werken.javad, and is even listed in the Antlr showcase.

It may do what you want.



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