[antlr-interest] ANTLR updates made today

Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Sat Dec 22 19:14:30 PST 2001

More updates...racing towards 2.7.2a1 release :)


*** moved strip*(...) methods from Tool to StringUtils; updated mkjar 

*** added Version 2.1 of ANTLR-mode from Christoph.Wedler at sap.com

*** bug fix: a #(pippo) construct, which isn't allowed, caused a nullptr 
exception with kaffe.
It shouldn't get an exception.  It now shows: "unexpected token: pippo" 

*** a double ;; in antlr.g action and lots of unnecessary semis were 
causing kjc to puke.

*** the constructors of antlr/CharQueue.java and antlr/TokenQueue.java 
didn't check
for int overflow. They try to set queue size to the next higher multiple
of 2, which is not possible for all inputs (Integer.MAX_VALUE == 
2^15-1). The
constructor loops forever for some inputs.  Checked for huge size 

*** Ric added code to not write output files if they have not changed 
(Java and C++).

*** Added default tab char handling; defaults to 8.  Added methods to 
     public void setTabSize( int size );
     public int getTabSize();

*** The CharScanner.rewind(int) method did not rewind the column, just 
the input state. oops.
     It now reads:
     public void rewind(int pos) {
         setColumn(inputState.tokenStartColumn); // ADDED

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