[antlr-interest] tab handling in ANTLR

Matthew Ford Matthew.Ford at forward.com.au
Sat Dec 22 19:44:32 PST 2001

I was slightly worried about loosing the connection between the column count
and the actual characters for error outputs to the user. (personally I set
tabs to 4).
Actually in my application I expand tabs to 4 spaces before passing to Antlr
to ensure that some indenting is maintained and the column count indicates
the error position.
I assume the tab() method is for error messages (to return the 'correct'
column count)
Actually I think antlr needs more than just this.  It need something like a
line buffer that can be retrieved so you can show the user the offending
input line and the column count.  I my application I have a pre-filter that
keeps track of the input lines and saves them for possible use in error
This email is getting waffly but what I think I am saying is that just
adding tab() does not solve the problem as far as I am concerned and what
ever default you choose will be 'wrong'  so if you put it in I would vote
for a default of 1 for tab() so existing code works as before and let the
user over-ride as they like.
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> On Saturday, December 22, 2001, at 06:45  PM, Matthew Ford wrote:
> > At the very least this code should be  in the comments/docs so people
> > know
> > what to do.
> Ok, thanks.  Can anybody think of a reason why I should handle tabs
> "normally" by default?  You can set the tabsize or override tab()
> completely.  Make sense?
> Ter
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