[antlr-interest] small CharInputBuffer class

John Lambert johnl at jbase.com
Tue Oct 2 11:06:44 PDT 2001


Looks pretty much the same as what I use, except I suggest you use unsigned
chars to avoid signe extension problems.


John Lambert

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Hi Ric,

I have look on CharBuffer class...

Yes it want to get istream as parameter, you suugest to use istringstream
class for RAM based string...

But istringstream want to get only std::string class.
But I have just char* or my own string class.

Conclusion: I do not want to use CharBuffer class  :-)

This is my implementation of InputBuffer subclass.
Please look if I correctly work with EOF. It must be -1, yes ?

It seems to me, my class will work also faster, than with istream.

class OBL_InputBuffer : : public InputBuffer

                 OBL_InputBuffer( char* inStr, ulong inLength ) :
                     mEndPtr(inStr + inLength)
virtual int     getChar( void )
                    // EOF is -1.
                    return (mStrPtr < mEndPtr) ? *mStrPtr++ : -1;
        char*    mStrPtr;
        char*     mEndPtr;

Best regards,
Ruslan Zasukhin


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