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Matt Benson gudnabrsam at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 28 14:13:32 PDT 2002

I had looked in the FAQ and seen the relevant article.
 I had not seen the Getting started with Antlr
article.  I guess my biggest problem is unifying the
table in the manual that shows the punctuation and
keywords with English descriptions.  Understanding the
difference between a subrule, a closure subrule, and a
positive subrule seems like something that's only
going to come with much perusal of the documentation,
or more education in the field of parsing in general.

The biggest problem I am facing at the moment is this:
 if I run Antlr on the latest java.g from John Pybus
via the ant-interest list, its declared charVocabulary
fills JavaLexer.java with various unicode/octal escape
sequences that will not compile with Sun's javac for
either 1.3 or 1.4.  I get various "empty character
literal", "unclosed character literal", and "illegal
unicode escape" errors.  I am using Antlr 2.7.1.  Do I
need to upgrade to the new alpha?


--- Terence Parr <parrt at jguru.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday, August 28, 2002, at 06:56  AM, Matt
> Benson wrote:
> > Okay, but I must say I'm disappointed that there's
> not
> > some magic answer... ;)
> >
> Hi Matt,
> Actually you probably want to see
> Getting Started With ANTLR
> http://www.antlr.org/fieldguide/start/index.html
> and
> All I know is that I need to build a parser or
> translator. Give me an 
> overview of what ANTLR does and how I need to
> approach building things 
> with ANTLR.
> http://www.jguru.com/faq/view.jsp?EID=78
> Do I need to make these more obvious?  A lot of
> people have the same 
> question but don't seem to see the Articles link
> more jguru FAQ.  What 
> can I do to make this more obvious?  Perhaps more
> info in the 
> distribution?  Thanks for the feedback...
> Terence
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