[antlr-interest] DTD Grammar

davidjpenton2002 <nwestreb at arrowsash.com> nwestreb at arrowsash.com
Mon Dec 16 12:13:15 PST 2002

I decided to make this a separate post from my technical questions 
about antlr.

I am working on a parser for XML 1.0 DTD's.  The XML 1.0 
Recommendation defines XML version 1.0 using EBNF productions.  I 
have stripped these directly out of the XML version of the 
recommendation itself with a tiny morsel of XSLT, and am busy 
converting the EBNF to an antlr grammar.

My objective is to create an antlr grammar that leaves the EBNF 
productions from the XML Recommendation intact as much as possible, 
i.e. I don't want to have to refactor the grammar to an equivalent 
one. I do not yet know if this is possible.

The real question is: does anyone know of an existing antlr DTD 
grammar?  I don't see one on the antlr website, nor have my searches 
turned anything up.  But then, sometimes I cannot find my own 
eyeglasses when I come out of the shower. I can usually locate my 
butt if I use both hands, but so far - no antlr DTD grammar.


- David -


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