[antlr-interest] Re: Is C# supported for parser generation ye t pl s?

szschocke S.Zschocke at infozoom.de
Mon Jan 21 06:30:30 PST 2002

I a have been using Eric's source in a c#-project of mine and made a 
couple of changes myself because I had been stumbling across a bug 
(or two, I don't remember). We work(ed) with antlr 2.7.1, too. It 
would be a pity to loose these fixes when upgrading the C# stuff to 
2.7.2 so if there is interest in these changes I can post my stuff...
P.S: If there is reply to this post, please send it to my email 
address, too, because I only check this list occasionally.
(s.zschocke at infozoom.de)

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> > > If you want to grab what I had, I think most of it is at
> > > www.windsor.com/erics/antlr-csharp-2.7.1.zip.
> > 
> > I would be happy to finish this if you are happy to pass on all 
> > has been done so far. Any docs would be appreciated.
> Everything I have is in that file.  Feel free to take it and run 
with it,
> I'm not likely to do any work on it in the near future.
> > > I'd also like to start a discussion on making this process 
> > Maybe
> > > something along the lines of the .Net CodeDOM model for 
> > independent
> > > code generation.
> > 
> > Is this in reference to generating parsers for multiple langues 
> > the .NET platform or, in relation to ANTLR's code generation 
> > It might be useful in the latter as I suggested above.
> I was just suggesting the .Net stuff as an example.  I think you're 
on track
> for doing something similar inside antlr that's platform 
independent.  The
> CodeDOM is an example of a language independent code generator, but 
it's (a)
> platform specific and (b) overkill for what antlr needs.  But the 
concept is
> sound.
> Eric.


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