[antlr-interest] Re: Interactive Editing with Antlr?

mrosgood mrosgood at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 22 15:49:12 PDT 2002

Hi Brian Smith, Bogdan Mitu, Torsten Juergeleit--

Thanks for the replies!

I checked out the lexer.netbeans.org subproject, spearheaded by
Miloslav Metelka.  Pretty cool scope of work (highlighting,
indentation, folding).  

Metelka's lexer proposal cites "General Incremental Lexical Analysis".
 I followed the cookie crumbs and found some potentially relevant
stuff.  (See links below.)  After a bunch of skim reading, it looks
like a lexer/relexer solution is preferable to a regex solution.  I
really like how Metelka's project wraps JavaCC (and ANTLR too, real
soon now).

I'll be trying the ANTLR plugin for Eclipse tonight!  (Though I
confess I still feel like an idiot for not being able to successfully
add antlr.jar to the library search path thingie.  So I just include
the ANTLR source files in my project.  I thought all this was supposed
to get easier over time...?)

I'm looking forward to Bogdan's work.  Avoiding reinventing the wheel
would be nice.

Side Note: One of the proposed projects on the Harmonia site is a
grammar debugger.  Sadly, they're using LR grammars.  But it reminded
me of Scott's ParseView.  What's the status of that project?  Now that
NetBeans and Eclipse are chugging along, it seems like a natural plugin.

Cheers, Jason Osgood


Program Editing in a Software Development Environment

General Incremental Lexical Analysis

HARMONIA: A Flexible Framework for Constructing Interactive
Language-Based Programming Tools

Harmonia Research Project

Lexer Module (Miloslav Metelka)



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