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> On Wednesday, June 5, 2002, at 08:50  AM, Sinan wrote:
> > Terence Parr wrote:
> >>
> > [...]
> > ...
> >> though, Loring Craymer and I spoke today and agreed maybe it's 
time to
> >> start thinking about another "Dr T's Traveling Parsing Revival 
And Beer
> >> Tasting Festival" here in silicon valley to discuss output 
grammars and
> >> tree rewriting etc...
> >>
> >> Ter
> >
> > I'll go. However first I gotta think of a way how to get Boeing to 
> > me to
> > a meeting called "... beer tasting festival..."
> Yeah, NASA has the same problem with it for Loring.  I think i will 
> change the name to
> "The Mostly-Annual Workshop Formerly Known As 'Dr T's Traveling 
> Revival And Beer Tasting Festival', But Now Called 'Dr. T's Serious 
> Applicable To Your Business Workshop With No Monkeying Around And 
> Certainly No Beer Tasting".
> It's a bit long, but I think it covers all the bases. <snicker>


You can snicker about it, but I had some poor lady from Travel 
Accounting grill me after the last one (she really didn't know what 
to do about the "Beer Tasting"; it was an interesting conversation 
and she was very confused).  You need to call it something like "Dr. 
T's Workshop for Advanced Novel Technology Language Recognition 
(ANTLR) and Technology Transfer" or some such (Sinan's and my 
organizations like buzz phrases; the more pompous the title, the 
better; "advanced" and "novel" technology is "good", and tech 
transfer is "wonderful").  Besides, I have proceedings from the 
previous workshops, and you have a fairly liberal interpretation of 
"annual".  The first "annual" workshop was held in '94, followed by 
the second annual workshop in '95, and then we started to notice that 
it was really a geometric series as the next one was '97 and now we 
get to '02 (the next one will be '18 or '20 or so if we follow that 
series).  Of course, I guess that this is just a case of "time flies 
when you are having fun".  Seriously, we have got to get back to 
having these annually--I don't run into enough techno-lunatics around 
here for me to retain my insanity.


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