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 From Erik Hatcher...a few comments on Ant.

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> From: "Erik Hatcher" <erik at hatcher.net>
>> On Tuesday, June 11, 2002, at 06:19  AM, Bogdan Mitu wrote:
>>> Just incidentally, the next incarnation of Ant (Ant 2) will be
>>> independent
>>> of XML or other particular encoding, which I think it's a step in the
>>> right
>>> direction.
> Ant 1.5 actually has pluggable ProjectHelper capability to allow you to 
> plug
> in a class that constructs the Project object.  The default one builds 
> it
> from parsing an XML file, but you can now plug in your own.  Maybe you 
> gurus could have one that takes a Makefile and constructs a Project 
> object
> :))
> This pluggable layer will be used, I think, to start providing XML 
> namespace
> support, but is much more generally capable than that.  One person I've 
> seen
> report that he's taken a project model (in XML) and XSLT'd it to a build
> file on the fly when invoking Ant so that all he maintains are the 
> project
> model and XSLT, no build.xml.
>> For your info, Erik Hatcher, a cool cat that manages the Ant FAQ at
>> jGuru, is done with his Ant book.  Should be out soon:
>> Java Development with Ant by Erik Hatcher and Steve Loughran
>> ISBN 1930110-588 -- will be published August 1st
>> Softbound, 450 pages, $44.95
> And this is really going to be about 600+ pages - Manning has just never
> updated their info on our latest page count!  And yes, my fingers are 
> tired.
>     Erik
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