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Sriram Durbha cintyram at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 9 10:52:20 PDT 2002

what surprises me is why there are no commercial
parsers based on LL(k); if it can achieve so much
[which i am getting convinced of gradually]better than
the old hag yacc why do commercial vendors still go
after being "yacc-based" ??

one suggestion i have is to form a voluntary
management board and they can choose the future
members of that board ... 


how about a [bi ]monthly "antlr application contest" ?
[ AppCon ]

 the initial categories could be 

1. best app demonstrating the use of antlr
2. best grammar showing the inadequacies of antlr
3. best grammar demonstrating the power[+ points] of
4. antlr grammar obfuscating contest !!!!
5. application where antlr is the worst tool to be 

entries can be judged by two panels 
 1. terence and other senior gurus
 2. volunteers from the interest group
the final result can be a weighted average of the two

how about certification exams online ?
 then interested members can be classified as 
1. interested
2. beginner
3. advanced
4. guru

and gurus get to set the question paper for the next

also this will provide a formal judges panel for the

im sure such a contest would bring out more examples
for people to look at and use snippets from
also that will help many people directly state tehir
problems and get them solved by otehrs who are

in general will increase the user base and support
base by creating a need for people to use antlr;


please do comment on the issues.. 


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