[antlr-interest] ANTLR 2.7.3

Luke Evans luke.evans at seagatesoftware.com
Thu Oct 10 13:01:42 PDT 2002

Good stuff (on the 2.7.2 issue) and actually I like the sound of the syntax
diagram generator too, from the point of view of (perhaps) auto-generating
some of our language documentation.  I'll have to give this a try sometime


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> On Wednesday, October 9, 2002, at 10:16  AM, Luke Evans wrote:
> > OK, it's another one of those 'when is the next official point release'
> > question...
> >
> > Antlr seems to be creeping slowly-ish towards 2.7.3.  Is this an 
> > asymptote,
> > or will it get there?  ;-)
> <snicker>
> Yep, for sure by january 2003, you'll have full 2.7.2.  I'm teaching at 
> U San Francisco a course on languages; we'll need the latest and stable 
> release.
> Sounds like we need to stick in the C# output now.  Further, Ric has a 
> bit of work left.  Also, I have some Loring Craymer bugs to fix too ;)
> I unfortunately started a new feature instead of fixing the last few 
> bugs, but I need the features to do a presentation.  Specifically, I 
> have AST to tree diagram and grammar to syntax diagram generators 
> almost complete and in antlr.util.*.  I generate Lout output and then 
> convert to PDF or whatever from there.  I can also make it generate a 
> GIF or whatever graphics format you want if you're willing to download 
> some more tools.  This stuff is *way* kewl.  Wait til you see!  I 
> include a sample output PDF file for your drooling pleasure.  Also the 
> stuff is really easy to use:
> String lout1 = LoutGenerator.treeToLout("(EXPR stat stat)");
> String lout2 = LoutGenerator. grammarToLout("a : A B ;");
> L8R G8Rs,
> Ter
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