[antlr-interest] [BUG] in 2.7.2a2

Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at public.kherson.ua
Thu Oct 10 13:16:30 PDT 2002

Hi Terrence,

Please add this bug to your Notebook.

1) if put grammars of Lexer and Parser into different 2 files

2) and in Parser make rule that define imaginary tokens, e.g.

        | COLUMN_DEF

Then on generation of parser from parser grammar
ANLT not correctly assign values for these tokens and corrupt existed
vocabulary of tokens created by lexer.

For example, if lexer create

    DQUOTE = 4
    QUOTE = 5,
    STAR = 6,
    DOT = 7

Then after parser.g compilation we get

    COLUMN_DEF = 5,
    STAR = 6,
    DOT = 7

I.e. Tokens DQUOTE and QUOTE simply disappear.   :-(

3) if put lexer.g into the same file where parser is, then this problem not

4) it is never mind who first is compiled.
At first we can compile parser.g, get vocabulary, but later lexer.g on
compilation will corrupt it.

5) this Problematic tokens always start eat numbers from 4

Best regards,
Ruslan Zasukhin      [ I feel the need...the need for speed ]
e-mail: ruslan at paradigmasoft.com
web: http://www.paradigmasoft.com

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