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Terence Parr parrt at jguru.com
Thu Oct 31 09:59:15 PST 2002

Hi...Sorry about that...

Can you try just

java -cp .:antlr-2.7.2a4-blortblort.jar antlr.Tool t.g


Everything is compiled for the java stuff...not sure if you're doing 
C++ output or not...


On Thursday, October 31, 2002, at 08:19  AM, elias_biris wrote:

> I have tried recently to build antlr on Solaris (5.7) using gcc
> (2.95.2 19991024) and jdk 1.3.1. In summary I think that the build
> process needs to be addressed asap and at the least to be documented
> properly. I get all sorts of problems, listed below:
> 1- version 2.7.2a4. All seemed to build ok apart from the make install
> part which fails with an error related to actions of the install-sh
> script. For instance, the jars are all placed on the top level
> directory and make gets confused when trying to call
> '../scripts/install-sh' to put the jars to the designated directory,
> when it should instead call ./scripts/install-sh
> Also if you dare do a 'make clean' at any point you loose the jars and
> subsequent make falls over.
> For the existence of the jars themselves, I found the process a bit
> confusing: when I untarred the tarball, there was an antlr.jar at the
> top level directory but subsequent invocations (through the
> out-of-box) Makefile to
> java -cp /user/ebiris/installs/antlr-2.7.2a2/antlrall.jar antlr.Tool
>  antlr.g
> falls over, since the antlrall.jar is not there. I had to issue a
> mkalljar first to get the jar, and then make would proceed.
> Also checking in the accompanying install.html does not help much...
> There is also an inconsistency in that file as jdk1.1 does not work
> with the antlr code any longer (errors regarding hashset class which
> does not exist in jdk 1.1).
> I hope someone can enlighten me about the compilation errors above ...
> I will try to patch things up but the process for antlr.jar and
> antlrall.jar construction is not very clear to me.
> Thanks
> Elias
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