[antlr-interest] Syntax documentor (was: ANTLR 2.7.3)

Luke Evans luke.evans at seagatesoftware.com
Thu Oct 31 14:25:12 PST 2002

OK... now I know of its existence I want one - what an impetuous society we live in  ;-)

Ter, any chance of snagging the implementation of your documentation stuff?  This has come at a 'good time' as we're thinking about how we document and communicate our language.  We can do this the long way... or we can use the your cool lout generator for our syntax.

We've noticed that this isn't in the current 2.7.2a4 JAR.



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> On Wednesday, October 9, 2002, at 10:16  AM, Luke Evans wrote:
> > OK, it's another one of those 'when is the next official point release'
> > question...
> >
> > Antlr seems to be creeping slowly-ish towards 2.7.3.  Is this an 
> > asymptote,
> > or will it get there?  ;-)
> <snicker>
> Yep, for sure by january 2003, you'll have full 2.7.2.  I'm teaching at 
> U San Francisco a course on languages; we'll need the latest and stable 
> release.
> Sounds like we need to stick in the C# output now.  Further, Ric has a 
> bit of work left.  Also, I have some Loring Craymer bugs to fix too ;)
> I unfortunately started a new feature instead of fixing the last few 
> bugs, but I need the features to do a presentation.  Specifically, I 
> have AST to tree diagram and grammar to syntax diagram generators 
> almost complete and in antlr.util.*.  I generate Lout output and then 
> convert to PDF or whatever from there.  I can also make it generate a 
> GIF or whatever graphics format you want if you're willing to download 
> some more tools.  This stuff is *way* kewl.  Wait til you see!  I 
> include a sample output PDF file for your drooling pleasure.  Also the 
> stuff is really easy to use:
> String lout1 = LoutGenerator.treeToLout("(EXPR stat stat)");
> String lout2 = LoutGenerator. grammarToLout("a : A B ;");
> L8R G8Rs,
> Ter
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