[antlr-interest] ANTLR build and package layout

Xue-Feng Yang just4look at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 19 11:52:06 PDT 2002

Totally disagree!

The link you gave doesn't talk about "why that's bad".

BTW, I wrote several compilers without using any
compiler compiler. However I never think that compiler
compiler is useless.

--- Terence Parr <parrt at jguru.com> wrote:
> On Thursday, September 19, 2002, at 06:27  AM, Matt
> Benson wrote:
> > For whatever it's worth, Brian is not the only one
> out
> > here who wishes there were an Ant build for ANTLR.
> I am fundamentally opposed to Ant (even though it is
> reputed to be 
> good) because it forces users to type XML.  See
> "Humans Should Not Have 
> to Grok XML", which explains why that's bad:
> I believe I'm pretty persuasive in that article. ;) 
> [though it will 
> make no difference whatsoever to most people who are
> "every language 
> should be XML" people--makes me wanna retch, but
> that emotion is a good 
> thing since it forced me to make ANTLR (yacc makes 
> me...well..er...yack!)].
> Nonetheless, my goal is to make ANTLR useful for you
> folks.  Hence, if 
> somebody sends me a fresh Ant script with an
> explanation so I don't 
> have to think much, I will consider inserting it and
> using it for ANTLR 
> builds.
> Ter
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