[antlr-interest] Java language 'comments'

nilopaim npaim at ieg.com.br
Thu Sep 26 10:13:53 PDT 2002

Hi All,

Congratulations to Terr, Ric and the others guys that work on this 
great tool.

I have a litle (I hope) question.

Examining the Java grammar from the main Antlr site (www.antlr.org), 
I saw that comments are just skipped there. Please, could someone 
give me some hints about incorporating comments and getting it into 
the final AST? All my tries produce a lot of non-determinisms and I 
don't know how to resolve them.

How could I insert the handling of comments in the syntax, since 
comments can appear everywhere?

Thanks to all.

npaim at hotmail.com


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