[antlr-interest] Re: Not moderating == not professional

brian-l-smith at uiowa.edu brian-l-smith at uiowa.edu
Mon Dec 8 21:18:03 PST 2003

Quoting Paul Selormey <paul at toolscenter.org>:

> The moderator is only listed as parrt2000, I do not know why he has 
> still not responded to a request to moderate the list or let anyone 
> interested to.
> parrt2000 come out and lets clean the spammers from the list.

We already had this discussion like a month ago and he did respond. RTFA:
Threads "spam" and "spam/IRONIC." By the way, Terence Parr = parrt2000.
Unfortunately, the problem seems to be getting worse as (a) the quantity of spam
has increased a lot, and (b) the said spam is no longer hilarious as it was before.

Spam filtering tip: "[antlr-interest] i'm having an orgy party at my place" is
probably not the subject line of an email containing a detailed discourse on the
merits of predicated-LL(k) parsing.



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