[antlr-interest] Re: Not moderating == not professional

Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Mon Dec 8 22:37:30 PST 2003

Sorry folks.  I know SPAM sucks, but if you think moderating will help, 
you've not thought much about spam ;)  The only thing that will work is 
if I manually check each and every message not the user.  Sorry, but 
that would reduce the timeliness of this list and make it not nearly as 
good.  I've got enough work keeping the site up, writing articles for 
it, fixing bugs, doing the new version and doing my teaching gig.

I might as well spell out the problem: i can moderate so 
"sexy at ireallylikedoingnaughtythingstofarmanimals.com" can't post, but 
they will simply change their email address to 
"Paul_Selormey at hatesspam.com" or 
"dotlessbraille at iamnotwhoyouthinkiam.com".  The minute I block those, 
they reappear with a different email.  You are fighting a losing 
battle.  The only solution is to attack with DOS and have your ISP down 
on you or let's all start hammering the yahoo guys to attack these 
spammers since Loring says they are coming from the same place just 
different emails.

Shall we all flood the yahoo complaint email?

Surely you see that moderation is not an option.  May we dispense with 
this conversation about moderation now?

Let's get yahoo to do something.

your commiserating, but nonmoderator, ;)
parrt secretly aliased as parrt2000 ;)

On Monday, December 8, 2003, at 09:18  PM, brian-l-smith at uiowa.edu 

> Quoting Paul Selormey <paul at toolscenter.org>:
>> The moderator is only listed as parrt2000, I do not know why he has
>> still not responded to a request to moderate the list or let anyone
>> interested to.
>> parrt2000 come out and lets clean the spammers from the list.
> We already had this discussion like a month ago and he did respond. 
> Threads "spam" and "spam/IRONIC." By the way, Terence Parr = parrt2000.
> Unfortunately, the problem seems to be getting worse as (a) the 
> quantity of spam
> has increased a lot, and (b) the said spam is no longer hilarious as 
> it was before.
> Spam filtering tip: "[antlr-interest] i'm having an orgy party at my 
> place" is
> probably not the subject line of an email containing a detailed 
> discourse on the
> merits of predicated-LL(k) parsing.
> Love,
> Brian
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