[antlr-interest] Re: Managed to compile under .Net !!

micheal_jor open.zone at virgin.net
Thu Jul 3 11:18:57 PDT 2003

> > I think it would be good if antlr
> > would provide .NET version of tool. Especially for people who 
> use the
> > C#  version (me). It's easier to integrate into VS and is only 
> 500K
> > executable file.
> Yes, I agree strongly. If you don't use Java for anything else, it 
> is just another maintenance burden.
> Frank Hileman

Hmmm,....."just another maintenance burden" is an unfair 
characterization of Java with respect to ANTLR usage even on 
purely .NET projects. Nevertheless, I have wanted to eliminate Java 
entirely on many occasions in the past too. In fact, we had a .NET 
executable available - courtesy of J# - long before ANTLR/C# was 
born. It is seldom used today.

If a decision is taken to _always_ produce a .NET executable of the 
ANTLR tool itself using J#, hidden within that is an implicit 
assumption then that ANTLR would restrict itself to using JDK1.1.4 
features only. Otherwise we end up with two code bases.

Personally, I can see no strong arguments in favour of such a 
restriction just to support the availability of a .NET executable. 

Of course, if a robust Java-to-CIL compiler were to become 




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