[antlr-interest] translations wanted?

John D. Mitchell johnm-antlr at non.net
Sun Sep 7 10:51:04 PDT 2003

>>>>> "Terence" == Terence Parr <parrt at cs.usfca.edu> writes:

> Howdy folks...looks like I have at least one student interested in
> building a grammar and/or translator for their masters project class (one
> semester, 4 credits).  So the question is, what grammars do we really
> need right now?  Is there a translator we need?  Perhaps a JavaCC-> ANTLR
> translator <snicker>

How about a RelaxNG (compact) compiler which generated ANTLR code to parse,
validate, and AST-ize the defined language?  Hmm... Is that hard enough?

At a slightly more abstract level, I'd like to see support for lexing,
parsing, and translating fixed-length formats.

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