[antlr-interest] Re: Missing files in the Pascal grammar?

mprundgren mattias.rundgren at combitechsystems.com
Thu Sep 18 03:18:54 PDT 2003

--- In antlr-interest at yahoogroups.com, mzukowski at y... wrote:
> expandedsymtab.g will be generated when you run antlr.Tool on 
your .g files.
> Is there no readme or install instructions?
> Monty

No there is no README or install instruction. 
A Makefile would have been nice too, so that the dependencies could 
be more easily detected.

My first "mission" is to replace or expand the grammar so that a 
pascal-file do not need to start with PROGRAM or UNIT and end with a 
DOT. The reason is that I work with a Pascal dialect that looks 
something like this:
block of modules/procedures/function etc.
I hope this would be an easy enough excersice to get a feeling on how 
it is to work with a parser generator like antlr.

Tanks for your answer.


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