[antlr-interest] Re: Using antlr to add new fields to java source basedon a template file

Xue Yong Zhi zhixueyong at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 10 08:42:21 PDT 2005

A java grammar is distributed with antlr(examples\java\java folder), it easy to set it up and the awt
tree viewer will help a lot.
And AST can be compared easily as well.

  "Sam Hendley" <sam.hendley at summus.com> wrote in message news:7A0ACACC56178C459767C637BCAE2C11BA3A38 at mail.summuslan.com...
  Hello all, I am doing a little research trying to find a tool to perform a task at my office and I think antlr and StringTemplate may contain the solution I am looking for. 


  What I am looking for specifically is a program that can open a java source file, analyze its structure (basically enumerate the fields and methods) and then load in a second java file and make sure that it contains all the same fields, methods and if it doesn't to fill them in with the values from the template file. Is this something that Antlr can handle natively or is it something I would need to custom write? Or is there already a tool out there that can do this?


  Thanks for any pointers you guys can give me.

  Sam Hendley
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