[antlr-interest] added attributes/dynamic scoping blog entry

John D. Mitchell johnm-antlr at non.net
Thu Feb 3 19:18:06 PST 2005

>>>>> "Loring" == Loring Craymer <Loring.G.Craymer at jpl.nasa.gov> writes:
>>>>>> At 05:43 PM 2/3/2005, Terence Parr writes:

>> I'm not opposed to an exit action...is this easy to code in C?  I guess
>> so.

Can always use gotos. :-)

>> So it's mainly for C and free() operations, right?

Or any resource management that requires precision.

> init() doesn't really fit with the other 3.0 improvements--especially
> when you have output grammars/templates to encapsulate most actions.
> What would be useful is support for actions which set semantic state
> information coupled with a complementary set of rollback() actions.
> These would operate in guessing mode and the state information would be
> used by semantic predicates.

Interesting.  Do you have a (pseudo-code) example to make this clear?

Also, note that it's not just rollback, release is also needed.

Take care,

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