[antlr-interest] StringTemplate 2.1 release!

Alan Gutierrez alan-antlr-interest at engrm.com
Sat Jan 22 18:43:51 PST 2005

* Monty Zukowski <monty at codetransform.com> [2005-01-22 16:32]:
> Bryan Ewbank wrote:
> >Is it feasible to use StringTemplate for code generation in 2.7.5? 
> >I'd really like to see, for example, C code generation w/o an
> >associated library.
> >
> Well, if you're generating the code, you can do it any way you want with 
> respect to libraries.
> If you were hoping for C as a target language for  2.7.5 you're out of 
> luck, that's extremely unlikely to happen until version 3.

    Is there an alpha or beta of version 3 available?

Alan Gutierrez - alan at engrm.com

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