[antlr-interest] Issue with antlr 2.7.5rc2

Tushar Jog tusharjog at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 00:29:27 PST 2005


please help me with this.

on creating a DerivedGrammar (Parser and Lexer) from a BaseGrammer
(Parser and Lexer) ,
the new literals introduced in DerivedGrammar do not find there way into
DerivedGrammarLexer.cpp    DerivedGrammar::initLiterals()  function,
while the following files
show that the new literals have been added here.

I am using the cpp code generation of antlr.

On hand editing DerivedGrammarLexer.cpp to add the new literals to
initLiterals() function, the DerivedGrammar parser correctly recognizes
the new literals as literals as opposed to identifiers.

Is this a know or new bug ? Or is this behaviour expected ?

The expandedGrammar.g file looks OK though, so I suspect that this is 
a cpp code generator issue.

Also, how does one submit BUG FIX requests for antlr ?


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