[antlr-interest] substitution for a node during parsing

Alex alex_apac at yahoo.fr
Thu Jul 14 16:40:01 PDT 2005

I'm sure I'm missing something that I didn't get while reading the doc.
If someone can give me hint on what I do wrong.

I wanted to substitute the SLASH node for a custom one. (SLASH:'/';)

excerpt from the text I scan text:
area-specifier / service-provider / future-extension 

the rule with a standard AST for SLASH:
alternation    : concatenation ( SLASH^ concatenation )* ;

and the result tree:

 |-> "/"
 |   |-> area-specifier
 |   |-> service-provider
 |-> future-extension

now when I try to have a "custom" node instead of SLASH I wanted the type ALTERNATION
I have a slightly different output I hacked something after glancing at the generated code.

alternation    :       concatenation ( !a:SLASH  b:concatenation {
                astFactory.makeASTRoot(currentAST, #a);
} )*

And the swapped result tree:

 |-> future-extension
 |-> "ALT/"
     |-> service-provider
     |-> area-specifier



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