[antlr-interest] Evaluation boolean expressions

Xavier Benveniste xavier.benveniste at free.fr
Wed Jul 27 08:43:42 PDT 2005

What can I say  ?
You're probably right on every point.

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> Hi,
> > - the grammar examples are either very straightforward or quite
> > incomprehensible for newbies (as I am), and the learning curve seems
> > endless.
> There is a considerable learning curve, but that is mainly the learning
> curve of compiler construction / language recognition etc. I found the
> actual learning curve for ANTLR to be quite easy.
> > Actually, I'm pretty sure that what I'm trying is do is a five minutes
> > working time for an experienced ANTLR and java developer.
> Well, it's probably possible to get this working somehow quite quick.
> But the question is if that is actually helpful for you. I'd bet that
> you're not trying to build a "calculator that supports booleans" but
> something more complex. And in that case you will probably not succeed
> with something hacked together quickly.
> Martin

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