[antlr-interest] Multiple versions of Antlr playing nice together?

Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Thu Jun 30 13:30:31 PDT 2005

On Jun 30, 2005, at 1:05 PM, Greg Lindholm wrote:

> I'm seeing more and more software packages use Antlr these days.
> This is great for Antlr, great product, great validation for the  
> people
> behind Antlr.

Hooray for the good guys!

> However.... it does raise compatiblity issues when you want to use  
> more
> then one package that each include a different version of the Antlr
> jar.

yes, almost like the DLL version issue on PCs.

> Are you doing anything to ensure that different (incompatable) version
> of antlr can be used side-by-side in a project? I.e. Use different
> package names?

I can't really do anything...the more common situation is to get an  
updated version and expect your code to still compile.   
antlr275.Token would be annoying, but is the only solution if you  
must have multiple version :(

> What about when Antlr 3.x come into widespread use? Will it be able to
> be used in the same application with Antlr 2.x?

Fortunately here we have org.antlr.* now instead of antlr.* so it  
works fine.  Indeed 3 is written in 2.7.5 :)

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