[antlr-interest] TokenRewriteStream and lexical filters

Jose San Leandro jose.sanleandro at ventura24.es
Thu Dec 7 10:15:55 PST 2006

Hi all,

I'm trying to define a lexer that, from a Java source, is able to provide the 
same source with small modifications (initially, just modifications in 
the 'extends' and 'implements' clauses).
I started from FuzzyJava example, since I want to avoid checking source 
correctness (just digest anything and manage only the class declarations of 
the source).
As long as I know, to use TokenRewriteStream I'll need a parser. So far, I 
only have the lexer, and don't know what the parser will be like. How can I 
make use of both lexical filters and TokenRewriteStream?

Thank you in advance.

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