[antlr-interest] antlr 2.7.6 and C#

Micheal J open.zone at virgin.net
Wed Mar 22 01:28:58 PST 2006

> Hi All,
> I've been meaning to ask this for a while.  When I try to 
> compile ANTLR 2.7.6 on my Linux machine, with C# enabled, I 
> get the following error:
> config.status: creating lib/csharp/Makefile
> config.status: creating lib/csharp/src/Makefile
> config.status: error: cannot find input file: 
> lib/csharp/src/Makefile.in
> /lib/csharp/src is empty!
> Disabling C# allows the compilation to proceed as expected.  
> The antlr-2.7.6 tarball seems to being missing that src 
> directory entirely. Perhaps someone might be able to advise 
> me on where the missing files have gone!

/lib/csharp/src => /lib/csharp/antlr.runtime

The buildfiles were updated prior to 2.7.6 release iirc.

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