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Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Sun Jul 1 18:40:35 PDT 2007

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> I get $3 measly dollars when you buy the book at amazon.  I want all
> you whiners about the doc to either decide you can't use the tool
> because it's not well documented enough or suck it up and start
> helping out.  Most of the whiners are freeloaders....complaining, but
> never having contributed themselves to open source or ANTLR before.
> Bunch of ungrateful freeloaders...how dare you make these demands!

I still love you Ter ;-)

As a freelance programmer, I have the luxury of deciding what work to do
and what to do with the proceeds of it. I am going to make some good
money using ANTLR3 and I have decided I will donate some of it, even
though I am using my own C target. Perhaps if enough other people would
do that, or even buy a bit of the (exceedingly cheap) support that is on
offer, things would go a bit more smoothly.

One of the issues is the ease of use of this product (I know it is
tricky to get going, hear my point), RELATIVE to how exceedingly
difficult it is to produce such a product. Hence, if you look at say the
PHPO project or wiki projects and so on, there are contributors galore,
because there are lots of easy bits to contribute to and only a few
relatively complicated bits.

The EASY bits are the documentation and examples, and the wiki is just
waiting for examples and so on. A number of people have been good enough
to help with that and the more the better. Eventually, I will get there.
However, for anyone who started out with the docs available on yacc and
lex, I should think that ANTLR3 seems to have more documentation than is
possible to read in the 15 minutes allotted for such a task.


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