[antlr-interest] [v3] Lack of documentation

scott at javadude.com scott at javadude.com
Sun Jul 1 19:56:57 PDT 2007

First -- I bought both books (and have contributed to ANTLR 2 and the
eclipse plugins). I've used past versions of the tool (since early PCCTS
releases), but had a lot of trouble figuring out v3 without the book.

How is forcing someone to pay for the documentation any different than
requiring a paid license for the tool? This is most definitely not in the
spirit of open source.

The book really feels like almost the same content that was free online
for v2.

A book shouldn't be the standard reference documentation -- it should be
the nitty gritty details and tip and tricks of how to really use the tool

BTW: I'm updating my ANTLR tutorial (and I'm going to try to expand it
further than the V2 one went.)

-- Scott

> I get $3 measly dollars when you buy the book at amazon.  I want all
> you whiners about the doc to either decide you can't use the tool
> because it's not well documented enough or suck it up and start
> helping out.  Most of the whiners are freeloaders....complaining, but
> never having contributed themselves to open source or ANTLR before.
> Bunch of ungrateful freeloaders...how dare you make these demands!

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