[antlr-interest] [v3] Lack of documentation

Terence Parr parrt at cs.usfca.edu
Sun Jul 1 22:09:55 PDT 2007

On Jul 1, 2007, at 7:56 PM, scott at javadude.com wrote:
> First -- I bought both books (and have contributed to ANTLR 2 and the
> eclipse plugins). I've used past versions of the tool (since early  
> releases), but had a lot of trouble figuring out v3 without the book.
> How is forcing someone to pay for the documentation any different than
> requiring a paid license for the tool? This is most definitely not  
> in the
> spirit of open source.

Well, then I better get rid of ANTLR v3 as it is against your  
definition of free software.

Sorry Scott, but you are a total pain in my ass; always have been.   
You dare complain about my management of this project?  Get real  
dude.  You have gotten a lot of recognition from this software.  You  
have contributed some, which I appreciate, but you need to be more  
understanding and patient.  Don't try to tell me i've not given my  
all to this project.  When v2 came out there was NO doc.  You're  
being pretty insensitive.

You are included now in the list of other whiners that just lost free  
support from me.  I'm happy to accept tech support contracts if you  
want to pay me.  I will ask Jean to avoid helping you port ANTLRWorks  
to eclipse for free.  I'd ask you to stop using my software but I  
cannot prevent it as it is BSD license.

Scott you are ungrateful.  You are using my free software and  
complain about it.  I've built this project into the preeminent  
parser generator.  If you need to buy a book to use it then buy it  
and shut up or quit using the software.   The choice is simple.


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