[antlr-interest] How to call self-build ANTLR correctly?

Johannes Luber jaluber at gmx.de
Wed Jul 4 14:05:26 PDT 2007

Randall R Schulz wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 July 2007 15:21, Johannes Luber wrote:
>> Micheal J wrote:
>>> My idea is a little different I think (quote placement errors):
>>> java -cp "D:\Install
>>> Files\ANTLR\antlr-3.0\lib\antlr-3.0.0.jar";"D:\Install
>>> Files\ANTLR\antlr-3.0\lib\antlr-2.7.7.jar";"D:\Install
>>> Files\ANTLR\antlr-3.0\lib\stringtemplate-3.0.jar";"D:\Install
>>> Files\ANTLR\antlr-source\src" org.antlr.Tool
>>> If that still doesn't work, try substituting "-classpath" for "-cp"
>>> above.
>> Tried both, no change. I'll test it tomorrow with no CLASSPATH
>> environment variable - for now I'll go to bed.
> Are you sure the JAR path names are correct?
> Are you sure the JAR files contain what they should? You can use 
> the "jar" command's "t" or "tv" option to list their content.

Damn! I entered antlr-3.0.0.jar instead antlr-3.0.jar. No wonder that it
never worked. My apologies for wasted several hours of the lifetimes of
the participants. :( And my thanks for your efforts - otherwise I would
have tried to run ANTLR on .NET via IKVM. I shudder only at the thought
of doing so - only more bugs and configuration mistakes to squish...

So, onto my next problem: The regenerated files are identical. A quick
comparison showed, that ASTDbg.stg is identical. For whatever reason I
seem to have compiled an old version despite using Fisheye. Is Fisheye
acting up or what do I have to do to get the latest source?

Best regards,
Johannes Luber

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