[antlr-interest] Only 1 TreeParser per grammar?

Loring Craymer lgcraymer at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 11 07:03:30 PDT 2007

You need to have an exportVocab in your options
section for your original grammar, and an importVocab
in your new tree grammar.  The manual should have more


--- "Kevin J. Cummings" <cummings at kjchome.homeip.net>

> I'm in the middle of a big project.  What I've
> discovered is that I'd
> like to walk the AST tree twice.  The first time,
> I'll perform some
> transformations on it.  The second time, I'll
> produce my output from it.
> I'm using ANTLR 2.7.7, and I just found out that I
> cannot put more than
> 1 TreeWalker into the .g file (I'd like to have 2!).
>  ANTLR complains.
> How is this accomplished?  Do I have to create a 2nd
> .g file which
> imports all of the token definitions from the first
> one's headers and
> only has a TreeWalker in it?
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