[antlr-interest] Decision can match input such as "DOT ID"using multiple alternatives

Lloyd Dupont ld at galador.net
Sun Jul 15 04:08:38 PDT 2007

MessageI think I didn't understand predicate very well at the time of the writing.
now it's much better and I manage to remove all ambiguity!!

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  Have identifier built the ID (DOT ID)* [sub-]tree. Basically make it into a qualifiedIdentifier or dottedIdentifier sort of rule. Call that from you primary rule. You can check that it has exactly one qualifier using actions in the parser or treeparser.

  The best way to contact me is via the list/forum. My time is very limited. 

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    Subject: [antlr-interest] Decision can match input such as "DOT ID" usingmultiple alternative

    The compilers tell me. My problem is it's obvious but it *shouldn't be a problem", how can I make ANTLR be happy?

    I have a grammar like that

        (atom -> atom)
            (LPAREN expressionList RPAREN -> ^(LPAREN $primary expressionList)) // method call
            // read object DOT property name
            | (DOT ID -> ^(DOT $primary ID)) 
        INT -> ^(CONSTANT INT)
        identifier -> identifier
        // read identifier or class name
            (DOT id1=ID->$(DOT $identifier $id1)) * 
                ((LT identifier GT) => LT id2=identifier GT -> $(GENERIC $identifier $id2))?

    now it says there are multiple way to access the tokens ID, and that's true.
    howver I assume identifier consume all that it can, and primary will consume only those ID that haven't been consumed by identifier.
    (on top of that I generate the same AST in both case...)

    Anyway, could some help me to solve this problem?
    I need to be able to use ID DOT ID in the 'identifer' property as I need to call this rule in 'LT identifier GT'.
    yet I need it in the primary, as I need to access the property of any object....

    how can I solve that?!?!
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