[antlr-interest] FW: nondeterminism in lexer rule

Abhijit Nandkumar Ghonge Abhijit_Ghonge at infosys.com
Thu Mar 1 02:13:28 PST 2007

Hi people,
	The following script doesn't work with the grammer I have

	# Script body goes here
	var1 = 43
	if(var2 == 43) then
		goto IFINIT

		print("IFINIT WORKED")

Now, in the above script start and end  describes the start and end of
script. This language is case insensitive i.e if/IF are both valid. The
Script throws error at IFINIT saying [line 13:8: expecting LITERAL,
found 'IF']. I guess this is because the nextToken() method in lexer has
a if-else loop which sees IF and returns expected token to be IF rather
than IFINIT:

else if ((LA(1)=='i') && (LA(2)=='f') && (true) && (true) && (true)) {
} else if (((LA(1) >= 'a' && LA(1) <= 'z')) && (true) && (true) &&
(true) && (true)) {

 Can I put some logic wherein it will compare the whole token IFINIT
with IF  rather character by character.

I have declared IF as literal with following option for the grammer and
my label IFINIT/ENDSCRIPT forms part of token LITERAL which is defined
as below:

options {
  charVocabulary = '\0'..'\377';
  testLiterals = false;   // don't automatically test for literals
  k = 5;                  // eight characters of lookahead to
distinguish 'end' and  'endif'
  caseSensitive = false;
  caseSensitiveLiterals = false;

	:	"if"

	: (('a'..'z') ('a'..'z'|'0'..'9'| '_' | '@' | '$')*) 

Please help.

Thanks & regards,


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