[antlr-interest] FW: nondeterminism in lexer rule

Xue Yong Zhi zhixueyong at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 1 07:29:11 PST 2007

If 'if' is a keyword in your language, why not using ANTLR's builtin 
support for keyword by doing "testLiterals = true"? You can use java.g 
as an example.

>  Can I put some logic wherein it will compare the whole token IFINIT 
> with IF  rather character by character.
> I have declared IF as literal with following option for the grammer and 
> my label IFINIT/ENDSCRIPT forms part of token LITERAL which is defined 
> as below:
Xue Yong Zhi
XRuby (Ruby to Java bytecode compiler):

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