[antlr-interest] Custom Constructors

jason heddings rocket at heddway.com
Thu Mar 1 13:23:20 PST 2007

I've been looking the web and I can't seem to find an answer to this...
Apologies if it is already known.
I'm looking for a way to create a custom constructor for my parser.
Currently, my approach is simply:
class MyParser extends Parser;
    public MyParser(TokenStream lexer, AntlrHelper helper) {
        this._helper = helper;
Is there a better (standard) way?
On another note, thanks for your responses from my previous post regarding
using ANTLR as an aid for style checking...  I think it's going to work out
great!  I think I just need to do some extra things to make it work (i.e.
develop custom grammars that remember all tokens including whitespace, etc).
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