[antlr-interest] @init actions in "C Target " have problems with MSVS compilers

Jim Idle jimi at temporal-wave.com
Thu Mar 22 14:15:30 PDT 2007

Actually, I did fix the problem you reported and I emailed you to tell
you that it was fixed. Your problem was that when action code was in the
lexer rule the declarations were out of order. This is different - you
cannot DECLARE variables in @init.


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At 01:34 23/03/2007, Alexander Stasenko wrote:
 >Consider the following rule with @init action:
 >		CharacterConstant @init {
 >				char c; int o;
 >		}
 >MSVS 2005 compiler can not compiler it since "char c; int o;"
 >declarations are placed after executable statements. This
 >restriction was relazed in C99 standart which is unfortunately
 >is not supported even in MSVS 2005 in its C-mode. Trying to
 >compile in C++ mode causes other problems in other places,
 >so usage of C++ mode is not a solution here.

I reported this one a couple of months back, but sadly it still 
doesn't seem to have been fixed.

I did work around it by compiling in C++ mode, though, although it 
required adding a lot of extern "C" blocks.  But really the 
codegen templates need to get fixed.  Or we need to get another 
code-insertion block that inserts at the top of the generated 
function instead of further down.

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